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Directorial Credits
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Features and Documentaries:
"FTV" TV show for San Francisco Film Festival, Dir. Robert Poswall (DV)
"The Dyslexic That Believes In Dog" Documentary (16mm/DV)
"Mandy" Feature (DV)

"Barotseland, Africa" Documentary (16mm)
"Mods" Documentary (16mm)
"Trinity Soup Kitchen" Fund raising video (BetaSP)


"Always On" Always on Network (DV)
"Shrink to Fit" Levi's (35mm) (2000 Axiem Award, Telly Award)
"Forest" Adidas (35mm/16mm)
"Circles" Lotto (DV)
"Playing" Nike (35mm)
"Big Smoke" a nonsmoking public service announcement (35mm)
"Obstacles Movie: behind the scenes promo" (DV)
"E-40" EPK (DV)

Music Videos:

"40 Boys in 40 Nights" (MTV), The Donnas (16mm)
"Thicker Then Blood" (MTV), DeathAngel (DV)
"Come Feel Me" (MTV Euro), Unjust (16mm,hand processed/DV)
"Fragile" The Pattern (DV/Super 8)
"Running in Circles"" The Berlin Project (35mm)
"Blue Sky Propeller" (Asian Film Festival) Julie Plug (35mm)
"GO" Conflama (35mm) (2002 Oakland Black Film Award)
"Alexander" Red Root (35mm)