Brooks Institute of Photography, B.A. (Motion Picture/Video)
Jean Shelton School of Acting (Acting)

“Digital Video”, OICW
"2 Day Hands On Music Video Class", Film Arts Foundation
“Arri SRII Class”, Film Arts Foundation
Teacher Assistant, Brooks Institute of Photography
“Three Cameras and a Studio Class”, Sacramento Cable Access
Teacher Assistant, Sacramento High School (Media Dept.)

2004 #1 MTV Charts in Spain & Italy for Death Angel
2003 Telly Award
2002 Oakland Black Film Award
2002 Joey Award
2000 Axiem Award

Producer Credits
“OICW Telethon” OICW fundraiser, Dir. Robert Poswall (3 Camera TV Broadcast)
“Always On Live” Tony Perkins, Dir. Robert Poswall (3 Camera Live Web Cast)
"Math Lessons" Learning Tempo, Dir. Robert Poswall (DV)
"FTV" Daily TV show for San Francisco Film Festival, Dir. Robert Poswall (DV)
"The Dyslexic That Believes In Dog" Feature, Dir. Robert Poswall (16mm/DV)
"Presidents Hotel" Feature, Dir. Steve Kim (super16mm)
"Mandy" Feature, Dir. Robert Poswall (DV)
"Bomb City" Feature, Dir. Johnny Cabaddu (16mm)
"Greedy" Feature, Dir. Keith Lee (DV)
"Makin' the Grade" Feature, Dir. Steve Kim (16mm)
“Nothing with Noone” Feature, Dir. Robert Poswall (DV)

Directorial Credits

Features, Shorts and Documentaries:
“Americanizing Shelly Promo Teaser” Teaser for Feature (DV)
“Nothing with Noone” Feature (DV)
“Tea for Tiffany” Short film (16mm)
“Always On Live” Tony Perkins (3 Camera Live Web Cast)
"FTV" Daily TV show for San Francisco Film Festival (DV)
"The Dyslexic That Believes In Dog" Documentary (16mm/DV)
"Mandy" Feature (DV)
"Barotseland, Africa" Documentary (16mm)
"Mods" Documentary (16mm) (Santa Barbara Film Festival, Film Arts Festival, and First Grade Fest)
"Trinity Soup Kitchen" Fund raising video (BetaSP)

"Shrink to Fit" Levi's (35mm) (2000 Axiem Award, Telly Award)
"Forest" Adidas (35mm/16mm)
"Playing" Nike (35mm)
"Big Smoke" a nonsmoking public service announcement (35mm)
"Obstacles Movie: behind the scenes promo" (DV)
"E-40" EPK (DV)

Music Videos:
“Thicker then Blood” (MTV), Death Angel (DV) (#1 MTV Charts in Italy & Spain)
"40 Boys in 40 Nights" (MTV), The Donnas (16mm)
"Come Feel Me" (MTV Euro), Unjust (16mm,hand processed/DV)
"Blue Sky Propeller" (Asian Film Festival) Julie Plug (35mm)
"GO" Conflama (35mm) (2002 Oakland Black Film Award)
"Alexander" Red Root (35mm)
"Game" Samraw (16mm)

Director of Photography Credits

“Presidents Hotel” Dir. Steve Kim (S16mm/DV)
“Hog Island” Dir. Tom Clyde (DV)
"Greedy" Dir. Keith Lea (DV)
"Bomb City" Dir. Johnny Cabaddu (16mm)
"Makin' the Grade" Dir. Steve Kim (16mm)

Short Films:
“3 body solutions” Allison Marrik (DV)
“Vista Verde” Dir. Micelle Simpton (S16mm)
“Americanizing Shelly Promo Teaser” Teaser for Feature (DV)
"Conversation with a Devil" Dir. Andre Nickatina (DV)
"Vow" Dir. Sean Johnson (35mm)
"Doki Doki" Dir. Tak Matsuda (16mm)
"Boxer" Dir. Ann Marie Smith (16mm)
"Lovage" Dir. Jeremy Storm (35mm)

Corporate Videos:
OICW “Breakfast of champions” (DV)
Chevron Video Group, Industrials, Dir. Tim Ewell (BetaSP)
Pix Retail Network "Video Game Help" Dir. Jeni Empson (BetaSP)

D&H EPK, Dir. Johnny Cabaddu (DV)
El Charro Mexican Restaurant, Dir. Brandon Dickerson (16mm)
Diesel Jeans, Dir. Paul Aspuria (35mm)
Trojan, Dir. Paul Aspuria (16mm)
Tivo, Dir. Ian Levasseur (35mm)
Pepsi One, Dir. Ian Levasseur (35mm)
Rio, Dir. Ian Levasseur (35mm)

Music Videos: (Bands names)
Helensteller, Dir. Paul & Manny (DV)
Mojo Filters, Dir. Paul & Manny (DV/16mm)
The W's (Praise Channel), Dir. Brandon Dickerson (35mm)
Polarboy (Praise Channel), Dir. Brandon Dickerson (16mm)
Wilshire (Praise Channel), Dir. Brandon Dickerson (35mm)
Mayflower (Praise Channel), Dir. Brandon Dickerson (16mm)
F.A.B, (BET), Dir. Mike and Pete (35mm)
Lovage, Dir. Jeremy Storm (35mm)
Groovie Ghoulies (MTV), Dir. Gary Smithson (16mm)
Squirtgun (MTV), Dir. Gary Smithson (16mm)
Mr. T Experience (MTV), Dir. Gary Smithson (16mm)
Red Root , Dir. Paul Aspuria (35mm)(2002 Joey Award)
Rosco (MTV, BET), Dir. Christian Strickland (35mm)
HumanReck (BET), Dir. Christian Strickland (35mm)
Bookie & Corrupt (BET), Dir. Christian Strickland (35mm)
CBO (BET), Dir. Christian Strickland (35mm)
Ain't, Dir. Jeni Empson (Dig Beta)