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Robert Poswall not only Produces and Directs, but is also an award winning Cinematographer.

Over the last few years, Robert has produced three feature films: "We are the Mods", "Perfection", and "Fireflies". He has worked on more than ten feature films since starting his career in moviemaking.

Robert and Chris started 400 Blows Pictures in San Francisco in April of 2000. After the big internet bust, Robert moved operations to Los Angeles to focus more on independent films.

Robert has also worked on a wide range of music videos, from rap to punk rock. His credits include Death Angel, The Donnas, Rasco, Julie Plug, E40, Unjust, and more. People describe him as "Fun", "Crazy", and "Someone I would trust with my project".

Robert's directing has been described as painless. He gets what he wants and needs with any size budget without making the actors or the producers suffer. As a previous client commented, "He created my vision of the script better then I wrote it."

Look below at some of Robert's reels. Also, check out his YouTube page to get a glimpse of his funny side.

Commercial Director's Reel

Music Video Director's Reel

Cinematographer's Reel

Poswall Tube (YouTube channel)


Chris Martin is a master of telecine. He has telecined on a number of independent feature films. He now works full time as head colorist at the best telecine in town, Spypost, which has the best Spirit telecine/da Vinci 2K Plus system in Northern California!


Here are some of the old 400 Blows teammates. They are all working around the world to make great films... Click here to see